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  • This 2" heavy duty flywheel Gib Key Puller should give you a good fighting chance of getting out any stubborn gib's key you may have. There is no guarantee that this tool is going to get all stuck keys out, but it's defiantly going to give you a good chance at winning the battle.

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  • A very high quality and well engineered reproduction Lister CS Crankshaft suitable for genuine British built Lister CS engines that use the bush type main bearings.

    Suitable for 3-1, 3.5-1, 5-1, 6-1 & 8-1 size engines

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  • A crankshaft main bearing for original Lister CS engines. This is a high quality white metal bush for use with original Lister engines with 2" diameter crankshaft journals.

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  • A pair of new felt crankshaft oil seals, suitable for use on older original Lister CS engines of all sizes. These felt seals are only for use on the original Lister Cs engines that have the bush type bearings fitted. Equivalent to Lister P/N: 003-00664

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  • Gib key for Lister CS engines with a STD 9/16" wide keyway. This gib key will also fit other engines such as Lister L and Lister J engines with the 9/16" wide keyway.

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  • A very nicely made high quality reproduction gib key cover for all Lister CS engines. Sold individually.

    These covers make a nice addition for finishing of your engine, with the original examples being very hard to find in good condition, often rusted beyond repair or just missing.

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