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  • A cartridge air filter with replaceable element suitable for use on Lister and Petter engines and many other types of engines. The filter body has a hose clamp on the bottom for fitting to an inlet elbow, the Lister CS type inlet elbow is available separately in our store.

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  • A cast iron elbow for Lister CS single cylinder engines, suitable for use with the both oil bath air filters and the cartridge type air filters found in our store.

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  • A well made cast iron Lister CS 90-degree elbow with mesh filter insert. Found on many later model original Lister CS engines. Comes complete with gasket.

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  • A heavy duty pipe bend used on the exhaust outlet port of any CS type engine, threaded both ends with 1.5" BSP male threads and comes with a 1.5" BSP female nipple.

    This exhaust bend is also a suitable repayment for the exhaust port on many other Lister engines with a 1.5" BSP tread, such as Lister J and Lister L type vintage stationary engines.

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  • A cast exhaust flange for all Lister CS & Listeroid engines, it has a 1.5" BSP female thread. Can be use on the exhaust outlet port of your CS engine, and can also be used on the air inlet port of older original CS engines with the round air filters.

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  • A well made quality pepper pot style exhaust silencer suitable for Lister CS, Lister L, Lister J, and Lister B type engines, as well as other similar sized engines that require a silencer with a 1.5" BSP thread fitting.

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  • An oil bath air filter assembly for Lister CS engines when used in conjunction with an air filter elbow (available separately).

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  • A good quality reproduction exhaust silencer for Lister CS diesel engines and Lister B and L and J type petrel vintage engines. These silencers have internal baffles for effective exhaust note silencing.

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  • A very high quality made non asbestos copper laminated gasket for the exhaust flange joint on all Lister CS, L, J & JP engines.

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